how do i know if a job is still open?

Every job you see listed on the Relode platform is open and accepting candidates. Once a position is paused or closed, we remove it from the website. If you have a candidate referred or have added that job to your "my jobs" section, we'll send you an email notification each time the job status changes to keep you updated. Our jobs are updated in real time by the Relode Account Management team who ensures you're always seeing active needs from our clients. Roles can open and be put on pause, or close within the same day on occasion based on the need and amount of referrals that are sent in to that opportunity. 

The most common reason jobs will be Paused in Relode is due to enough candidates being considered by our client. We will Pause roles with full candidate coverage to ensure you aren't recruiting on a role that is already close to being filled. Depending on the type of job, location, and schedule type, we will have jobs that Pause or Close more quickly than others, so time is of the essence! Make sure to sign up for daily or weekly new job alert notifications to keep from missing out on brand new positions.