how do i get paid?

There are several opportunities for you to earn great rewards in Relode! To see a breakdown of each type of reward you can earn, simply click the reward amount listed in each job.

Submission Reward:

  • As soon as your candidate is moved into the "Consideration" stage in your dashboard, that means they have officially been submitted to the hiring client for consideration. The submission reward you receive is paid within 48 business hours of this status change! 
  • Submittal rewards are paid each time any of your candidates are moved to Consideration for any roles you have connected them to. 

Interview Reward

  • When your candidate is selected for an interview with the hiring client and successfully completes their 1st round of interview - you will receive an interview reward! This interview notification will be emailed to you each time a candidate is scheduled with the client to keep you informed. 
  • Once the 1st round interview is confirmed by our team, you will receive the listed interview reward within 48 business hours!

Hire Reward:

  • All Relode hire rewards are paid via direct deposit. You must have a U.S. bank account and social security number to receive any type of payment from our team. All Relode Professionals are 1099, independent contractors.
  • You will receive 50% of the hire reward once the first half of the listed job guarantee period has occurred, and the other 50% at the end of the listed employment guarantee period (to see each job guarantee period, just click on the reward amount listed). Guarantee period milestones require confirmation to be obtained from the client that your candidate is still actively working. Each guarantee period is the length of time your candidate is required to be actively employed by the client in order for you to receive the full hire reward. Most guarantee period will range between 30-90 days and are listed within each job along with the payment breakdown for you.
  • Once the first half of the guarantee period is met, we will reach out to the client to confirm your candidate is still employed. Once we receive confirmation from the client, we will process your reward and it will be arrive in your bank account within 48 business hours. The confirmation period may take several days to complete. We cannot begin processing your payment until we receive employment verification from the client.

Your Relode dashboard includes earning information and your settings contain a payment history section to help you track your rewards and referrals all in one place. To input your payment details, just log in to your Relode account, click your name in the upper right hand corner and navigate to your settings in order to input tax and pay information. 

All payments will be sent with an email notifying you of the payment amount, payment date, candidate details, and any other relevant information. You will also be able to quickly make updates to your payment information at any time.