how do locum or contract payments work?

Locums Tenens are temporary, or contract positions for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other healthcare roles that vary from a few hours per week to 40+ hour per week roles. These contracts may last a few days or can continue indefinitely, depending on the client’s needs.

  • The reward amount shown on each job will be paid bi-weekly over the length of the entire contract period. In other words, the reward amount is divided by the number of weeks the candidate is contracted for and that amount is what you are paid every two weeks initially. The amount you receive is dependent on the hours actually worked and the final agreed-upon pay rate for the candidate turned into our team, meaning the amount you see listed on the job itself as the referral reward may vary from what you actually receive depending on the actual hours worked by the candidate and their pay rate. If their pay rate is higher than what is listed on the job posting, or they work fewer hours than what is listed for the contract posting, then your reward will fluctuate from the broadcasted amount based on those factors.
  • For all hours submitted to the Relode Accounting team, you will receive a pro-rata reward amount based on the original length of the job order and the amount of time the candidate actually worked during that given 2 weeks. 
  • Each candidate hired for this type of contract or locum opportunity will be onboarded by Relode as a W2 employee unless otherwise noted by the Relode team, dependent on their role type. Candidates will receive an onboarding email once hired from the Account Manager for the role with the next steps and communication timelines to know what items to complete in order to begin their project. A candidate onboarding packet will be sent securely via DocuSign for their completion - please ensure they follow all instructions required for forms of ID and attachments needed. Once completed, candidates will go through a license and background check, along with any other necessary items required by the client. 

- As of Sept. 20 all candidates will now schedule and input their hours worked through the "When I Work" application. They will receive all signup instructions and invitations upon hire and in their onboarding packet, for their projects to ensure they can begin scheduling shifts and tracking time.