relode community guidelines

By joining Relode you agree to the following...

  1. Refrain from ever listing any client/team names, specific facility names, or salary information (including earning benefits such as bonuses) from any external job postings, whether on a personal website or public job board. We have this guideline set to avoid a candidate going around Relode and directly applying to the client, thus resulting in no rewards being paid out.
  2. Refrain from ever contacting a Relode client or hiring team outside of messaging permitted within the Relode platform directly. 
  3. Refrain from recruiting candidates currently or previously employed with an active Relode client.
  4. Speak directly with each and every individual candidate you refer into Relode prior to entering them into the system to confirm qualifications and interest in being considered.
  5. Use discretion when representing yourself to candidates or any external parties, as a partner of the Relode brand. It's important to address that you are an independent or freelance recruiter, partnered with Relode to help fill a particular role or roles.
  6. Only input accurate contact and personal information for any candidates you refer and adhere to the prompts for any duplicate candidate error messages you may receive.

Violation of any of the above items will result in your permanent removal from the Relode platform. Please read through the following items for a full list of Relode's requirements for all Community Members. Recruiting Agreement and Terms of Use