how do i setup my pay details?

Getting Paid as a Contractor 

If you are hired as a contractor with Relode, you will be onboarded as described below and will receive payment directly from the Relode payroll system, Gusto, for your hours worked

As of September 13, 2021:

  • All contractors and locum providers within the medical space (excluding Physicians), will be onboarded by Relode as W2 employees unless otherwise noted by our team upon hire. As a candidate, you will receive an onboarding email once hired from the Relode Account Manager with the next steps and communication timelines to begin your project. A candidate onboarding packet will be sent to you securely via DocuSign for completion - please ensure you follow all instructions required for forms of ID and attachments needed. Once completed, you will go through a license and background check, along with any other necessary items required by the client. 
  • Once all onboarding documents are completed and results from the background check are returned, you will be added to Relode's payroll system, Gusto. An email invitation will be sent for you to directly set up all direct deposit and tax information in order for payments to be processed without delay. *Please check your spam/junk folders for this email.
  • In January of each year, you will be able to access your W2 tax document if you worked hours in the previous year directly through your payroll platform, Gusto. You will have a "documents" section of your profile that will automatically provide this document to you once Gusto has made it available to download. 

**If you were hired for a role prior to August 2021, you may receive both a 1099 tax form emailed to your account email, and physically mailed to you at the address you have listed in your Relode payment information settings.

You will receive the following items in your Relode onboarding packet; 

  • Project confirmation letter 
  • Background check document
  • Release of Information form 
  • I9 (along with required forms of government-approved ID forms)
  • Instructions to set up the, "When I Work" application for scheduling shifts and inputting hours.
  • Relode payroll calendar

Failure to fully complete or return all items in your Relode Onboarding packet will result in termination of a contract - we want to avoid this at all costs and ask that you please follow all onboarding instructions and guidelines listed by our team and complete all documents received for a quick turnaround and smooth process.

Getting Paid to Refer Candidates

If you refer a candidate for an open job in Relode you are eligible to receive rewards from Relode.

All jobs will show a breakdown of the rewards you can receive by clicking on the reward amount and reviewing the reward details. 

Setup your Payment Details

In order to receive payment from Relode you'll need to set up your payment details

  1. Log into Relode by using this link and input the email address used when you applied.   
    • You will receive an email with a secure login link
    • If you do not yet have an account create one
  2. In your account navigate to your name in the top right corner and select Settings

    • Select Payment Information 
    • Complete the following steps
      • Contact information 
      • Complete a W9 
        • If you are registering as an individual you will need to provide your: Name, address, SSN, Signature, Date, and email to complete the W9. 
        • If you are registering as a business, you will need to provide the contact information and EIN number that matches your business license exactly. If this information does not match, you will receive an error in the areas in need of editing. Please only choose this option if you have a registered business with the appropriate licenses to prevent payment delays.
        • Here is a quick video walking you through how to complete a W9