how do i find candidates?

At Relode we don't limit the resources or creativity you utilize to source and find your candidates, it's completely up to you! Below are some great places to start that our most successful virtual recruiters utilize...

- Personal network: Reach out to friends, colleagues, members of any clubs or organizations you are a part of online or in your community, to find great candidates or to just ask for referrals of anyone your connections might know. Depending on the industries you are recruiting for, there are many groups both physical and virtual that can serve as a great candidate base to get involved in, including many professional groups on Social Media and LinkedIn. 

- Resume databases and Job sites: Platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Career Builder, etc. are great resources to utilize for contacting candidates and searching for possible leads to the jobs you are recruiting for. While many recruiting platforms like these will have a cost associated, some like LinkedIn, will have free versions, or offer free-trials for you to test out before committing any money into them. Often times you can still find a large candidate pool for certain career types in these free versions, it will just take a little time to do the research and figure out which one best suits your needs. 

Regardless of the sourcing route you decide is best for you as a recruiter, it's important to note that without any type of recruiting experience, it will take a much longer period of time to find success within the Relode platform. Our site is best utilized by individuals who have some level or prior experience in the recruiting or talent acquisition space to help prepare you for the expectations and skill set needed to not only find, but properly screen and refer candidates to the best jobs for them. While we encourage any users who are willing to take on the challenge and learn a skill in a new space, to see if Relode is a good fit, if you are looking to find somewhere to teach you how to be a recruiter, Relode may not be a good fit unfortunately.