how do i refer a candidate?

After you have communicated with the candidate and gathered their resume and contact information, you can refer them by going to the “Jobs” page and finding the position of interest. Each job will has a “refer a candidate” button where you will enter the candidate’s information. From there, a Relode Talent Advisor will review the information and contact the candidate if they are qualified for the job within 48-72 business hours. Candidate's who do not meet the qualifications based on their initial resume, or who state they are not interested will be automatically rejected from the opportunity.

You also have the option to share your unique link with candidates. In each job, you will see four small icons representing Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Each of these icons will populate a message containing a unique link for your candidate to apply for the job. Sharing your unique link with candidates will ensure that you receive credit for their referral, even though they are directly applying for the position. Candidates are not able to see how much you will earn if they are hired for the opportunity through this unique link.